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On Wednesday, December 3, Michael Deweese, Ed.D. will present the WCSU 2014 Efficiency Study Phase 1 to the WCSU Full Board.  This study was commissioned by the WCSU Executive Committee to help answer the important and timely question: "How can we improve our students' learning by finding further efficiency in our supervisory union?"  The presentation will take place at U-32 in the cafeteria at 6:15.  To see the complete study please click the following link:  http://www.wcsuonline.org/images/stories/WCSU%20FINAL%2012.03.14.pdf 

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On May 28th, Dr. Brad Witzel presented the findings and recommendations of the WCSU Comprehensive Math Review to the WCSU Full Board.  He reported on the 5 areas of focus: Math Vision, Math Leadership, Math Assessment System, Teacher Efficacy & Instructional Practice, and Math Professional Development. 

Please click here to read the Executive Summary Report.

To see a recording of the presentation please click on the following link. http://vp.telvue.com/preview?id=T01221&;video=199687 


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For the full version of WCSU Happenings click here.

WCSU Review – Bill Kimball

In this issue of Washington Central Happenings, Jen Miller-Arsenault has provided a debriefing of the January 20th in-service day, as well as information regarding upcoming professional development opportunities.  Kelly Bushey gave an overview for the summer planning, and the Technology Department supplied an update showing the breakdown of projects they’ve worked on during the past few months.  Take a look at the Alphabet Soup translations and who our winner was for the contest.  Finally, this round of “Celebrating What’s Right” examines healthy eating and “Fun Fitness” happening around the supervisory union.


I would also like to take this opportunity to provide a brief overview of the budgets WCSU is presenting to the towns for FY 14-15, along with information regarding equalized pupil changes.  The district school boards have been very diligent and have kept our budgets at reasonable rates, some even lower than expected.


The main driver behind this information pertains to the increases from the state and impact from the Common Level of Appraisal. 

Listed below is a table containing the percentage of expense increases and net tax impact from each of the Elementary Schools and the U-32 budget. 


% Expense   Increase




Berlin Elementary



Calais Elementary



Doty Memorial



East Montpelier Elem.



Rumney Memorial







This next table contains information regarding the impact for each of the Elementary Schools and U-32’s proposed budgets for FY 14-15 with equalized pupil changes. * (See *Note.)

     Proposed FY14-15 Budgets w/Equalized Pupil Changes


Elementary Impact

U-32 Impact

Total Tax Impact

Berlin Elementary

 $      0.015

 $     0.022

 $     0.037

Calais Elementary

 $     (0.018)

 $     0.030

 $     0.012

Doty Memorial

 $      0.029

 $     0.012

 $     0.041

East Montpelier Elem.

 $      0.008

 $     0.050

 $     0.058

Rumney Memorial

 $      0.033

 $    (0.009)

 $     0.024

*Note: This table does not include the impact of the Common Level of Appraisal or the state-wide property tax rate set by the legislature.

Previous versions:

November 22, 2013

September 30, 2013

April 30, 2013

February 12, 2013

November 20, 2012

September 14, 2012

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Hot off the press!

Click here for a copy.annual report web

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Traveling to the different schools and visiting the classrooms, I see tremendous examples of student engagement and learning. After reading the weekly newsletters and visiting each school, I realize that I might be one of the few, fortunate individuals that get to see all the education and celebration happening across the supervisory union. So in that vein, we are starting a new feature called, “Celebrating What’s Right”.

Our supervisory union is proud of our teachers, students and community members. We want to make sure you’re aware of all of the exciting events and accomplishments happening throughout our supervisory union.

In the last few issues of RUMNEY NOTES, they extolled the Fall Harvest Dinner that took place on November 3rd at Rumney Memorial School. In his “Message from the Principal”, Adam Rosen praised the businesses and community members helping support the event. The dinner raised just over $6,000, providing $3600 for the Rumney Food Service program, as well as $2400 for the Middlesex Food Shelf. Take a look at Rumney’s newsletter from November 8, 2012. (This is the link: http://grades.wcsuonline.org/rumneyweb/pdfnews/2012/rmsnews_2012_11_08.pdf)

We thank Rumney supporters for “Celebrating what’s right”!


Bill Kimball, Superintendent

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